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Serenity Wellness and Counseling Center serve the communities of Cypress, Waller, Katy, Tomball, and surrounding areas. Our office provides a warm and comfortable feeling for people of all ages and backgrounds. We aim to help our clients and families find a complete wellness plan. We offer therapy for children, teens, adults, couples, families, yoga/meditation, and nutrition counseling. It is our goal to help you find a sense of calmness and tranquility in your life that includes your overall mental and physical health.

The Be. Experience. Where Functional Nutrition Meets Next-Level Skin Care

We aim to guide you toward optimal health and glowing skin by focusing on the root cause of your concerns and by treating them both internally and externally. By uniting modern technologies with traditional approaches we incorporate a whole body/whole life perspective. The blending of holistic nutrition with medical-grade skin care treatments results in radiance inside and out.

Winds of Change Cosmetic Surgery is a cosmetic surgery and aesthetic care facility offering the latest in advanced care for Houston area patients.

Under the creative and passionate leadership of highly skilled cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kristi Sumpter, a well-credentialed and experienced team of care providers offers an extensive menu of services including breast revision surgery, mommy makeover surgery, liposuction, with or without fat transfer, injectables, eyelid surgery, skin care treatments, anti-aging cosmetic injectables, and many other cosmetic surgery and aesthetic services.

By partnering with well-respected universities and laboratories in funding and conducting clinical studies, Isagenix is contributing to evidence-based nutrition research while also providing clinical substantiation for Isagenix systems for healthy weight loss and healthy living. Our team of skilled scientists partner with respected experts, universities, and laboratories to contribute to every aspect that goes into bringing safe and transformative Isagenix products to your door. ICONS consists of a talented team of science professionals - including nutritionists and health experts, food scientists, chemists, microbiologists, and biologists. 

IIN is the world's largest nutrition and health coaching school licensed by the New York State Department of Education. After you complete our program, you'll earn a certificate of completion and the title of Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.